Upcoming Workshop Topics

Learn How Your Strengths Define Your Success

Tracy will help you determine how awareness of your unique combination of strengths can significantly influence your ability to recognize your value, and effectively communicate this to others. Fully understanding and conveying your value in this way leads to finding a career or academic path that is clearly aligned with who you are.

What is Career Transition Coaching?

Appearing on a television broadcast of "Community Matters," Tracy speaks to how the process of career coaching assists individuals interested in starting a career, wanting to move up or change careers entirely.

Career Transition Coaching

As a Career Coach, Tracy enables individuals to articulate career aspirations, develop a plan and take effective action to meet professional and personal goals.

Academic Coaching

As an Academic Coach, Tracy enables students to achieve a heightened awareness of what it takes to experience academic success within a supportive and collaborative coaching partnership that encourages personal accountability.


Tracy delivers impactful, outcomes-driven workshops on making successful career and academic transitions to career networking groups, professional associations and community organizations."

Tracy Jenkins, Ph.D., ACC, ELI-MP

Tracy is a certified career and academic coach who values motivating others towards goal achievement, individual-centered guidance, and solutions-focused assessment to enable professionals and students to generate change in their lives.

Tracy provides career and academic coaching that is based on an action-oriented partnership, working together with individuals to achieve what is most important to them.